Invasive Species

altMissouri Department of Conservation defines "exotic," "alien" or "non-native" species as plants, animals, fungi or other organisms that have been accidentally or purposefully introduced to an area outside of their origin. Exotic species can come from another country or even from another watershed. Success of exotic species often means a drop in the diversity of native species and degradation of wild areas. "Invasive" exotic species are particularly nasty version of exotics that disrupt by a dominant colonization of a particular habitat or wildlands area because there is a lack of natural controls (i.e.: predators or herbivores).

We now offer a brochure that helps you identify the Top 10 Invasive Plant Species of the River des Peres Watershed, which was put together by students of Washington University professor Beth Martin (Engineering and Science Director of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic and Lecturer in Law). Download the brochure now and use it to help reduce threats to plant diversity. Then find appropriate replacement plants; go to Grow Native to select plant species that are native to our area.