Habitat Restoration

Once upon a time, there was a lovely spring-fed stream that ran through the countryside to the south and west of a growing community called St. Louis.  This stream was surrounded by rich valleys and rolling hills. It was described as a "romantic little stream," and it was named the River des Peres.  This is not a fairy tail or other work of fiction; this is taken from historical accounts of our history.

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The River des Peres Watershed Coalition (RdPWC), along with its many partners, is working to reclaim this river.  We are restoring the habitats that continue even now to support wildlife, including fox, mink, heron, wood ducks, bluegill, shiners, beaver, coyote, and kingfisher, as well as many other species of mammals, birds, and fish.

Since 2008, the RdPWC has partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) to bring back the native stream-side habitats that once flourished in the stream valleys of St. Louis.  We have removed thick walls of bush honeysuckle, pulled up carpets of wintercreeper, and pushed back the Johnsongrass and Japanese hops that have threatened to overwhelm the area.  In their place, we are growing beautiful native plants like ninebark, witch hazel, river oats, cardinal flower, copper iris, wood mint, and coneflower.
Our efforts are organized, staffed, and carried out entirely by volunteers.  From 2008 to 2014, volunteers have spent over 1,400 hours in the field, doing restoration work on behalf of the River des Peres.  This is a phenomenal effort and we are truly grateful to each and every person who spent time with us in the river.  You are the ones who are ensuring that our natural history and cultural heritage are not lost.  Thank you!

Here are a couple of maps showing a portion of the work area:

Firehouse Beautification Map - Click Here

Mona Terrace Map - Click Here