Pollution / Waste Management

Hazardous Waste and Prescription Pill Collection:

In the River des Peres Watershed, anything you flush down the drain can end up in the river. (see the discussion on "Our Pollution"). Reduce pollution by properly disposing of your household hazardous waste and prescription pills. 

St. Louis County has opened its first permanent household hazardous waste collection facility located at 291 E. Hoffmeister Ave. The facility is a partnership between St. Louis County and the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District.  Residents must make a reservation to bring in their waste.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection
Household Hazardous Waste
This is also true of medicine, and now we can drop off over the counter and prescription drugs to keep them off the streets and out of our rivers!  The medicine collection boxes are located at these police stations:
 »  St. Louis County Police Dept., North County Precinct, 11815 Benham Road, 63138
 » St. Louis County Police Dept., Affton Southwest Precinct, 9928 Gravois Road, 63123
 » St. Louis County Police Dept., South County Precinct, 3031 Telegraph Road, 63125
 » St. Louis County Police Dept., West County Precinct, 232 Vance Road, 63088

Learn more at this link (http://www.missourip2d2.org/), and here's some background to substantiate the need and effectiveness of this program.  A study by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) published in 2002 sampled 139 streams across 30 states and found that 80 percent had measurable concentrations of prescription and nonprescription drugs, steroids, reproductive hormones, and their by-products. (Kolpin, D.W., Furlong, E.T., Meyer, M.T., et al. Pharmaceuticals, Hormones, and Other Organic Wastewater Contaminants in U.S. Streams, 1999-2000: A National Reconnaissance. Environmental Science and Technology. 2002. 36, 1202-1211.).  Area Resources for Community and Human Services (ARCHS), St. Louis College of Pharmacy (COP), and Schnucks Markets, Inc. and many others including former River des Peres Watershed Coalition members conducted a major pilot study to determine the effectiveness and participation of a drug takeback program in 2008. 892 participants kept 296,650 medications (including over 50,000 controlled substances) from improper disposal. Feel free to read more here: repository/documents/education/110423_Disposal_St Louis ARCHS_EPA_technical_report.pdf

Report water quality problems:

Missouri Department of Natural Resources
10805 Sunset Office Drive Suite 100 St. Louis, MO 63127 (314)301-7100
Missouri Department of Natural Resources Code and Enforcement Section

Report sewage spills:

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
(314) 768-6260 OR
St. Louis County Health Department
(314) 854-6000

Report fish kills:

The Missouri Department of Conservation
(636) 441-4554