Homeowners and communities throughout Saint Louis County are taking action to reduce polluted runoff and prevent it from reaching our waterways. RainScaping practices improve water quality, restore habitat, and add beauty to the landscape. Additional significant benefits are increased property values and a reduction in a community's carbon footprint.  The Missouri Botanical Garden summarizes everday steps you can take at home to join us.

Missouri Botanical Garden's RainScaping Guide


Bring Conservation Home with the St. Louis Audubon Society

Looking for help to plan the right RainScaping strategy for your property?  Our local Audubon chapter is leading the nation with a program that provides you with a personalized, on-site review of the conservation potential your home.  All this at a low cost ($25 for Audubon members and $50 for non-members).   It just so happens that many of the techniques that generate habitat for birds and pollinators also help reduce pollution associated with rainwater.   Don't hesitate; Bring Conservation Home


Rain Barrels

Harvest rainwater using your very own Rain Barrel!  After four years of distributing rain barrels, we are pleased to see that our region has several vendors offering a range of quality rain barrel options.  We offer our sincere thanks to the Coca Cola Company for their generosity; their food-grade barrels were the foundation of our rain barrel program.  We are no longer selling re-purposed rain barrels at this time.

Download our Frequently Asked Questions sheet, or our Building Instructions & Installation Guide if you'd like to build or install your own rain barrel.  We may continue to offer build-your-own-rain-barrel workshops through the Missouri Botanical Garden's adult classes program. See our events calendar for dates (home page).

We can suggest three vendors for buying your own rain barrel.  Robinson's Rain Barrels has smaller barrels and will even install them for you.  Rain Reserve has a modular system that can hold up to 100 gallons.

Those seeking larger or more advanced systems should visit St. Louis-based Rainwater Harvesting Supply Company.


Rain Gardens

Rain Gardens provide many of the environmental benefits of rain barrels, plus they work all year. We highly recommend retrofitting your roof drainage to include both concepts. To learn more, check out this beautiful and simple animation that sums it up pretty well.

Visit local rain gardens to see for yourself. The Deer Creek Watershed Alliance provides information on rain gardens in Brentwood, Clayton, Maplewood, Olivette, Ladue, Creve Coeur, and University City. If you're downtown, check out the commercial scale rain gardens found at City Garden and Operation Brightside.