Water Quality Monitoring

Coalition members conduct volunteer water quality monitoring though the Missouri Stream Team program. The program provides each volunteer with training and equipment for monitoring the physical, biological, and chemical parameters of Missouri's rivers and streams.

The River des Peres Watershed Coalition is a Stream Team Association, so we help organize watershed-scale Stream Team events, including several Bike With Your Boots On events annually (see below) and a Watershed-Wide Water Monitoring Review each fall.


What's in it for me?

Fun, knowledge, and the satisfaction that you are helping protect our stream resources are some of the benefits of volunteer monitoring. Everyone has a responsibility to protect our environment. By volunteering, you can make a difference. We need everyone's eyes, ears, and voices to take better care of Missouri's streams.


Who can participate?

Volunteer monitoring is open to anyone who is concerned about the condition of Missouri streams and is willing to commit time and energy for training and monitoring. It's an excellent activity for Scout groups, 4-H Clubs, teachers, landowners, and families.


Bike With Your Boots On

We're now making it easier than ever and even more fun to monitor water quality through a project funded by the Great Rivers Greenway District. Many of the Greenways in the St. Louis area run beside our streams. This symbiosis of trail and stream presents a unique opportunity for cyclists to observe the stream from the trails and from streamside as we test the water chemistry and look at what is living in the rivers and streams. See our events calendar for dates and times and join us for a ride!