River Coalition

What is the River des Peres Watershed Coalition?

The River des Peres Watershed Coalition is a group of people who are working towards a better future for the River. We believe that the River des Peres is a valuable resource for the St. Louis area that deserves to be restored and maintained.

In the spring of 2002, the Green Center received a grant from Tom's of Maine National Rivers Awareness Program™ to raise awareness about the River des Peres. The first task was the formation of the River des Peres Watershed Coalition (the Coalition). Shelley Welsch, then the Executive Director of the Green Center, spearheaded the Coalition. Her efforts secured our initial grant, brought municipalities into the Coalition to support river clean-ups and water quality testing, and helped form the groundwork for the Coalition today.

Who are we?

Supporters reside throughout the watershed from Normany to Pagedale to Shrewsbury and the City of St. Louis. We are individual residents, municipal governments, agencies, and community organizations.

What do we do?

The River des Peres Watershed Coalition is working to raise awareness of the River des Peres throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area. Supporters meet on a regular basis to plan, project, formulate, and decide how we can improve, protect, and maintain the River des Peres, its tributaries, and its watershed.

We sponsor many river related events including an annual community-wide River des Peres Trash Bash.  This event is held each fall.

How do we do it?

The work of the River des Peres Watershed Coalition is organized and carried out by volunteers with support from partner organizations and individuals like you!