Habitat Restoration - Post Drought Success

Last Updated on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 4:02 AM

Good news !  It turns out that we fared last summer's drought quite well at the Firehouse #2 Beautification and Habitat Restoration project in U City, thanks to the efforts of U CIty In Bloom, Missouri Master Naturalists, and St Patrick Center green job trainees as well as Coalition volunteers.  While the official survival percentages are not yet compiled, our preliminary obersevations exceed expectations.  Watering efforts last summer paid off big time !


Left: Dwarf Indigo Bush in bloom with Eastern Redbud; Right Coreopsis and Glade Coneflower in bloom

Representatives from most installed species (herbaceous, shrubs, and trees) were observed.  Ten species in bloom at the moment include glade coneflower, lance-leaf coreopsis, native columbine, spiderwort, false indigo bush, wild geranium, and in the Rain Gardens we have amsonia illustris, blue flag iris, soft rush, and monarda fistulosa.  We also observed several of the summer/fall bloomers starting off well (rattlesnake master, aster, culver's root).  Though we had trouble with our beauty berry and ink berry shrubs, we installed three stout shrubs Memorial Day weekend (a smooth sumac and two prunus virginiana) given to us by U City In Bloom compliments of Forest ReLeaf / Ameren Mo.

Give yourseleves a big pat on the back volunteers !