Bring Conservation Home

The Coalition is pleased to partner with the St. Louis Chapter of the Audubon Society to promote their Bring Conservation Home program.  Activate the conservation potential of your property and you'll improve water quality!



Audubon will tell you how with personalized on-site assistance.  Certified Habitat Advisors will come to your house to offer advice in landscaping with environmentally healthy and sustainable native plant species, the removal of invasive plant species such as bush honeysuckle, water conservation on the urban landscape, and other stewardship practices that promote healthy habitat for birds, native wildlife and people.  All of this for a modest fee ($25 for Audubon members and $50 for non-members).

It just so happens that many of the techniques that generate habitat for birds and pollinators also help reduce pollution associated with rainwater.

So...kill two birds with one stone (wait...bad analogy).  Not only will you improve water quality in our creeks, but you'll also help expand the mosaic of native plant and animal landscapes across the St. Louis region.

All kidding aside, learn more about Bring Conservation Home at

Learn more about Rain-scaping here, and you'll see how many of these techniques are encouraged by the Audubon Society's program.